Any Eclectus Parrot Owners out ther. . help? 10pnts?

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Question by Kylie F: Any Eclectus Parrot Owners out ther. . help? 10pnts?
Needing advise for first time ekky mum. I have on hold a beautiful female ekky that is three months old. by the time i get her she will be just over four months old. The breeder told me not to put her out on our deck during the days as she will get lonely. But i have two quakers and two tiels that also live on the deck during the daytime while im at work and we all spend the afternoons and nights inside together playing for a few hours before bed and also in the morning before i leave to go to work. i only work two days a week and the other days im in and out all the time but always home by about 3pm. My questions are
1.will 4months of age be harder to bond with
2. if she is on the deck next to the other birds isnt that better then stuck inside all day
3. Any advise for when i bring her home and getting her settled?

Thanks for any input

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Answer by mattdog12
i think having her on the deck with the others is a great idea, just keep an eye on her for the first few weeks till she settles down, if she’s hand reared, then 4 months old shouldnt be a problem, as long as u be persistant and patient with it :)

good idea would be to give it some fruit while its out, if it knows it can eat while with you and be safe, it will be fine :)

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3 Responses to “Any Eclectus Parrot Owners out ther. . help? 10pnts?”

  1. Bird Crazy on September 4th, 2011 5:32 am

    Eckies are fully independent at around 4 months so her age is appropriate so you won’t have any problems bonding with her.
    She will love it out on the deck with the other birds.
    Keep her to a routine.
    Join this forum as there are a number of ecky owners and some breeders and they will be more than happy to help you with any further questions:

  2. Angie on September 4th, 2011 5:47 am

    Leaving your birds on the deck [in cages] is a great idea! I do it, as well. It gives them fresh air, sunlight and natural mental stimulation, as opposed to starring at the same four walls all day.

    Her reasoning just doesn’t make sense to me.. perhaps she misunderstood you? Leaving your bird out on the deck in a cage all day with other birds is a vast improvment over leaving her inside in a cage all day, alone. Just make sure that your birds have part of their cage covered incase of wind, rain or sun and if your deck is on the ground; make sure your cage has a keylocking door, or put a cage lock on the doors. This prevents theft as well as your bird from escaping.

    4 months is not too old for bonding. The older the bird is, the easier it is to bond with them; believe it or not. And an older bird forms a more lifelong bond with the owner, because the inherant problem with adopting younger [baby] parrots is that the bird will think of you as her mother-bird. She’ll be all cuddly and sweet as a cube of sugar.

    Then, when the bird gets to be about 3-5 years old, she goes through maturity where she would [in the wild] be looking for a mate.

    Previously the “mother-bird,” you’re now promoted to the “Mate-bird” and she may begin displaying sexual behaviors that when not returned by you, can instigate behavioral problems such as plucking, biting and screaming.

    The mother-bird-to-mate-bird scenario is severely more common than people realize, and can be extremely confusing for the bird and cause quite a bit of emotional distress. That scenario is the single most common reason behind screaming and biting. And if you have a bird that’s extremely bonded to you that goes through this; that will cause the feather plucking & self mutilation. The best method of counteracting this scenario is by assuming the role of “flock-mate” and not cuddling your bird TOO much when she is younger so that she perceives you as the mother when she’s young and the mate when she’s older. I know it’s very hard to not cuddle her when she is a sweet little just-weaned baby…

    My advise for bringing her home and getting her settled is to not spend more time with her than you plan on spending with her for her entire life. Get her used to your schedule and take advantage of the fact she’s a baby WHILE she is still a baby. Any behaviors you want to train her, or untrain from her; do it while she is young because the longer she goes in life getting away with things, the harder it will become in the future to train that behavior out of her.

    Good luck!

  3. joewebb on September 4th, 2011 6:21 am

    I cant add anything that Angie hasnt answered

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