Lovely female eclectus gone nasty

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Hi there. I’ve owned a female eclectus since she was 4 weeks. She was reared by hand as soon as she left the nest. She was a constant part of my life, she came to work, the shops and any where i could take her for six months as she was hard to wean off the spoon. I’ve hand reared many birds and parrots before. She was by far the hardest to get off the spoon. She has been very much loved and taken all over the place with us. Every family holiday weekends to Perth and even a two week road trip to sydney. She has a very good homelife with plenty of love from me,my husband and my 3 boys. She has a very good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and lots of toys and novelties to keep her amused. Recently we went on a week holiday to Bali and had someone look after the house and animals. Ever since she has been quite aggressive toward me and some friends of mine. She always mouths with her beak but has started biting hard and drawing blood. i have trouble now even getting her food bowl. If any one has any suggestions that would be great


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