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Parrot Cages are 1 of the most important thing to take into consideration when you purchase your parrot. There are 2 reasons this is very very important, so this article will explain in persise detail why it is important and the size you need for the type of parrot you have,or about to purchase.

Parrot cages need to be the correct size for these reasons

Firstly a parrot that has space is a happy parrot that is why size is important, they tend to get depressed and cranky in a small cage.
Other reasons are!!!

Parrots to be able to spread their wings and move around.

Parrots have different size feet, so you need to be able to put different size perches in the 1 cage, we recomend 4 different types to excercise their feet.

Important things to remember are when purchasing parrot cages!!!

The bigger you go the better it will be, aslong as spacing in between each bars is small enough to prevent injury in the event your parrot tries to escape.So make sure the birds head can not fit in between the bars.

The door must have anough space to fit your hand in comforably to not only catch him, but to put him back in his cage.

Parrot cages latch/lock need to be as safe as possible, parrots are extremely smart and they will figure out how to open it.Majority of the time if your parrot has been purchased from a pet shop they will recommend the minumun size so please read the chart below for the correct dementions to insure your little mate stays happy and healthy.

Below is a chart that will give you an idea of what you need

Parrot cages recomended for Small parrots

Small Conures
similar sized birds need at least dementions such as 1/2″ to 5/8

Parrot cages recomended for a medium parrot

Ring Necks
Mini Macaws
Small Cockatoos

similar sized birds need at least dementions such as 1/2″ to 3/4″

Parrot cages recomended for a large parrot

African Greys
Alexandrine Parakeets

Do you want your parrots to be happy and healthy so he lives longer?

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