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Did you know that Singapore has the largest park for birds in Southeast Asia? Did you also know that parrots are considered the most intuitive, beautiful, intelligent and charming of the birds? Now at the largest park in Asia, the Jurong bird park, you can find the most varied species of parrots. At one single place, you can find parrots from all over the world. Why parrots you might ask. Well parrots are ignored a lot by the people but parrots are the most amazing birds. They have the ability to perform acrobats. They can bend and flex themselves and it is indeed a pleasure to watch them perform.

Parrots also have the ability to talk in the voice of human beings. They can mimic any voice they hear. They are extremely social by nature and are talkative and entertain the people around them completely. Parrots are neither male nor female and they lay their eggs in the wild. Today because of the depletion of forests the natural resources parrots are becoming extinct. To save these splendid creatures and earn revenue Singapore created the Parrots Paradise Singapore. This is housed in the Jurong bird park which hosts all different kinds of birds from around the world.

Parrot Paradise Singapore has about one hector land dedicated to all kinds of parrots and their well being. They house almost 500 parrots with 110 different kinds of species. Here you will be able to see how the parrots behave in their natural form. All the different kinds of species of parrots from any part are given a surrounding they are used to. Hence for a parrot found in the desert the surrounding of the dessert is given to sustain the parrot and make it feel like home. Until now the Parrots Paradise Singapore has bred over 50 species of parrots which is an achievement in itself.

Parrots Paradise is a place you must take your children to. Here the children will find their much wanted quest of knowledge for parrots and other birds. Their knowledge will increase over a fun filled way to learning. Today, in urban places one doesn’t find many parrots especially of different species hence the parrot’s paradise can showcase of the children the times they have been studying about. The children can learn a variety of things about parrots. How they eat their food, how they socialize and how they nest themselves and adapt to the environment. For a change, your children will have the time of their lives and keep talking and thinking about the time spent there for a long time.

There are many birds inhabiting here, from the Sun conure, red sided eclectus parrot, galah cockatoo, blue and gold macaw, military macaw, hyacinth macaw, blue throated macaw to many others which are endangered. All these endangered parrots are housed here for the tourists to learn about them and appreciate their beauty. They can also after looking at them, do their best in any way possible to protect the depleting and endangered nature around them.

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