Any Eclectus Parrot Owners out ther. . help? 10pnts?

Question by Kylie F: Any Eclectus Parrot Owners out ther. . help? 10pnts?
Needing advise for first time ekky mum. I have on hold a beautiful female ekky that is three months old. by the time i get her she will be just over four months old. The breeder told me not to put her out on our deck during the days as she will get lonely. But i have two quakers and two tiels that also live on the deck during the daytime while im at work and we all spend the afternoons and nights inside together playing for a few hours before bed and also in the morning before i leave to go to work. i only work two days a week and the other days im in and out all the time but always home by about 3pm. My questions are
1.will 4months of age be harder to bond with
2. if she is on the deck next to the other birds isnt that better then stuck inside all day
3. Any advise for when i bring her home and getting her settled?

Thanks for any input

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Answer by mattdog12
i think having her on the deck with the others is a great idea, just keep an eye on her for the first few weeks till she settles down, if she’s hand reared, then 4 months old shouldnt be a problem, as long as u be persistant and patient with it :)

good idea would be to give it some fruit while its out, if it knows it can eat while with you and be safe, it will be fine :)

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