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In the world today there are hundreds of pet parrot species. Many of which can be brilliant companions. For the sake of confusion I will include anything parrot like into the category of parrots, e.g. Parakeets. The most popular parrots are often budgies and cockatiels, but if you are looking for something different, there are many more to choose from.

Being the most popular pet bird, a budgie is a great pet for children or people who don’t have the time and money to care for a larger bird. They are cheap to buy and they require only a small/medium sized cage. Budgies can learn to talk although this is rather difficult, but they can be trained to do small tasks. Many owners like to keep them in an aviary or in a larger cage with many more budgies. They live for about 10 years.

Cockatiels are slightly larger and may require slightly more care and attention. It is said that they belong either to the crested parrot family or the cockatoo family. They require a medium sized cage and are quite cheap to buy. They live for about 20 years so a long term commitment is required.

Cockatoos are much larger birds and are very difficult to handle if you aren’t experienced. They must be trained carefully because an out-of-control cockatoo is a recipe for disaster, for instance their large beaks could cause serious damage to the hands or even the face of a human. They require a large cage and lots of attention because they are intelligent birds; as well as a large buying cost. Possibly the most important thing to consider when buying a cockatoo is lifespan as many cockatoos can live well over 80 years.

Macaws are very popular in the large parrot category as they are intelligent, colourful and fun to play with. They require huge amounts of attention to keep them entertained as well as to prevent feather-plucking which is often very hard to cure. Smaller macaws, like the Hahn’s Macaw, are often bought as pets because they aren’t as high-maintenance as some of the bigger macaws, but beware as all macaws will need a large amount of commitment and care throughout their life, as they live 30-70 years depending on the species.

Conures are very popular as medium sized parrots. They again require a large cage and lots of attention and commitment. They are often seen to be like small macaw species, but conures tend to be cheaper, louder and possibly need slightly less attention. Conures usually live to about 25 years.

African Greys are probably the most popular large parrot species. They again require just as much attention and care as the other large parrots. They cost in between the large macaws and the small macaws and conures. They like many of the other large parrots bond strongly to their carer. African Greys also are known for their excellent ability to mimic nearly everything they hear without training. They often live to about 50 years.

Amazons are also reasonably popular. They are fun and social birds but need huge amounts of attention throughout their long lifespan, about 70 years. It is very important to think well before buying one as they live very long lives. There are 27 species of Amazon parrots that come from South America and the Caribbean. Again, a huge cage is essential for these birds.

Lovebirds are small and very popular pets that, surprisingly for their size, need lots of attention, for this reason, it is generally paired with another lovebird to give it the attention and love it needs. They can however be cared for on their own however they need lots of care. They are originally from African and live usually under 20 years.

There are some other parrot species, although they are usually less popular: Quaker parrots, other parakeets, Parrotlets, Senegal Parrot, Eclectus Parrot and more. It is very important to think about the lifespan and attention needed when deciding on a parrot species. Why not read some books about parrot species and care or look over the internet for some more information about each species. If you have already decided on a parrot species, why not look up Names 4 Pets for some pet naming ideas. Good luck on getting a parrot!


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